colourQ challenge #10 ~ Winner Crowned...

Wow~ either everyone's busy with Christmas or these colors were not very enticing this! My apologies for the late post... I've lost power a couple times this evening & we're in the middle of major storms... may need a boat to get to work tomorrow... I wish I were kidding!We did have some very awesome entries though. I also forgot to link the inspiration pic to the site it came from... and when I went back to do it, they had sold out! This was a retro snowman cookie jar from

I appreciate everyone that played along this week! You gals always manage to knock my socks off! I usually don't do much in the way of 3-D or packages, but this entry really made me wish I did! This week's colourQueen is....

Congrats to LeAnne & please check out LeAnne's awesome blog... she has amazing goodies & eye candy! Below are the entries from this week in alphabetical order... please click on the thumbnails to check them out!!! Oh and be sure to give them some 'comment love' while you're there!

Thanks again to all of you who played this week & rain or shine more rain - I'll be back with the next challenge soon!

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Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you had fun playing with the challenge, but if you didn't play, I hope you will soon! ~Arielle


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